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2018/19 Filzener Herrenberg Big growth

2018/19 Filzener Herrenberg Big growth

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The Grosse Gewächs vom Herrenberg does not try to impress the nose with aromatic exuberance, but relies entirely on a subtle fragrance composition that combines local and Provençal elements with lavender, thyme, meadow flowers and lemon blossom. On the palate it is a bit more compact, the wine shows pressure and substance. The taste of apricots is on the tongue, but less with juicy sweetness than with firm flesh, a cool core and a delicate, bitter skin. It's not all about fruit though, invigorating acidity and hints of nutmeg set their own stimulating accents. Packs well without the harmony suffering as a result.

grape variety  Riesling 
quality level  quality wine b.A. "Big Plant"
taste  Dry

Filzener Herrenberg - location in sole ownership 

Bodenart  Devonschiefer 
Vinification  selective Handlese 
gentle processing
Fermentation in wooden barrels 
analysis data  Alk. 12,5 / RZ 8,4 / S 6,7
drinking temperature  08 - 10 °C 
food accompaniment   Hearty meat or young game dishes