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2020 Filzener Kabinett off-dry

2020 Filzener Kabinett off-dry

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The golden-yellow grapes for this crystal-clear, delicate and classic Saar wine come from various plots of land in the Herrenberg.

Apple, pear and elderflower combine to create a fragrance that knows how to beguile with a lot of freshness. On the palate, it is the fruity component that, with a delicate residual sweetness, does not rely on opulence but on finesse. In the finish, a fine spice sets a special accent.

vintage  2020
grape variety  Riesling 
quality level  Quality wine cabinet 
taste  off-dry


Bodenart  Devonschiefer 
Vinification  selective Handlese 
gentle processing
Fermentation in stainless steel 
analysis data  Alk. 10,5 / RZ 23,4 / S 6,7
drinking temperature  08 - 10 °C