On the estate, the centuries-old wine culture is within reach: in the spacious park of the winegrower's villa, above the huge vaulted cellar, under the old trees, framed by hydrangeas, roses and lavender, you can enjoy the excellent Riesling and Burgundy wines from our vineyards with all your senses. 

We live and work from and with nature, it is our most important asset. 
For us, the preservation of the cultural landscape with its steep slopes means responsible, natural processing - this includes the practice of "gentle pruning".
above all, the renunciation of insecticides, acaricides and herbicides.

Our wines are aged just as carefully as we have treated the vineyards over the course of the year and the grapes during the harvest. All wines are fermented by natural settling and using wild yeasts in stainless steel and in large wooden barrels from the Stockinger cooperage - deep down, in our always cool slate cellar from 1924.
In the area of conflict between the two divergent locations of Herrenberg and Bockstein, we as a team are driving our wine style forward: typical of the Saar, accessible, clear in expression with elegant, mature acidity.


More than 2000 years ago, the Romans brought their vines to the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer and thus established viticulture along the three rivers. Here, on the lower Saar, the specific terroir of the barren Devonian slate soils together with the special microclimate offers the best conditions for the production of light wines full of finesse. in the 19th In the 19th century, Rieslings from the most renowned locations in the Saar were traded at a higher price than wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy. At that time, our winery was already on everyone's lips. 


 As one of the large traditional wineries in the Saar, whose history goes back to the year 1627 and beyond, our company is a source of mineral, Saar-typical wines. The monumental "Bockstein" in Ockfen and our home location "Herrenberg" in Filzen, directly behind the winery, offer the best conditions for the cultivation of terroir-typical top wines.

 A high proportion of old, up to hundred-year-old and partly ungrafted vines and the replanting of low-yielding small-berry genetics form the basis for producing complex wines with great expression. Our vineyards are located on the lower reaches of the Saar at an altitude of 160 to 250 metres. In this cool climate, the grapes develop particularly fine aromas.

The 6.5-hectare steep Herrenberg site with weathered Devonian slate soil has been cultivated as a vineyard for a millennium and is the sole property of the winery.

Since 2016, Reverchon has again had the core sites in the Saar's most famous vineyard, the Ockfener Bockstein. Here we produce, among other things, our Großes Gewächs and our Feinherben Kabinett from the grapes of old vines from the former property of the state wine-growing domain.


Our pride and joy are the storable and complex terroir wines: 
Our Riesling collection is therefore crowned by the Grand Crus from the historic steep slopes of Filzener Herrenberg (solely owned) and Ockfener Bockstein. We make the estate wines in the three typical local varieties: dry, off-dry and fruity. The cultivation of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir along the course of the Saar complements the Riesling variety and is also cultivated here. We also have an archive of mature single-vineyard Rieslings from the best vintages of the last 60 years.

Our sparkling wines, made using traditional bottle fermentation, have a long tradition: Sparkling wine from the Saar had a reputation like Donnerhall as early as the 19th century! Then as now, the base wines from our own grapes mature on the yeast for a long time; they develop particularly fine aromas and an elegant mousseux.

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Hans Maret, a native of Trier, auditor, banker, investment manager and wine lover, has renovated our historic winery with great personal commitment and with a great deal of knowledge of operational processes, architecture and art. His love of wine was conveyed to him in his parents' house, which has always been a meeting place for the great winemakers of the Saar and Moselle. 

Our operations manager Ralph Herke, who was born in the Rheingau region, has been responsible as an oenologist since 2013 and is implementing the great idea of bringing the Reverchon winery back to the top of the Saar in viticulture and cellar. He coordinates our young, motivated team of oenologists and wine-growing specialists. 

Julia Brittnacher and our team are happy to welcome our guests to the vinotheque and the country house. Ms. Brittnacher is also the contact person for sales and marketing. 



An idyllic, quiet country estate near the Roman city of Trier. For more than 200 years it has been possible to live and rest comfortably here in the shade of the vineyards and on the banks of the Saar. In our carefully renovated, listed manor house, which was built around 1880 in the Swiss country house style, you can spend the night wonderfully. 

Bricks alternate with local sandstone, cast-iron columns from Belgium, parquet and cement mosaic panels, with art collected by the owner arranged in between. Once they have arrived at the Reverchon winery and country house, our guests experience unforgettable days dedicated to Saar wine. 


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